Thursday, August 03, 2006


That wonderful Wikipedia told me that sycophant, in the original Greek, means slanderer. In modern English, the term has come to mean one who seeks to please people in positions of authority or influence in order to gain power themselves, usually at the cost of pride, principles, and peer respect. You understand of course, that I know all that. I, uhrm, only needed the Wiki to articulate it for me (my mental faculties are not quite yet what they used to be ... it looks like I must speak with Lobsang ... he promised that I would be back to my old self within the week, but I'm not so I'm beginning to think this isn't worth the US$200 million I told Imelda to donate to his monastery ... this is more like some bargain basement shit deal he's ... hey, WAIT A MINUTE ... that bitch must've sold the monk short and blown that money on botox or something).

Anyway, I was talking about sycophants.

I came across this article today (on the web version of the dinky little newspaper that gloated so much when I left the country - I swear I thought that Marine said Paoay! No. Really. I did.): Arroyo friends want impeachment raps junked.

Two words: Blue Ladies - apparently, Cong Dadong's daughter admired me more than she let on back in the day. She is certainly doing a redux (albeit a dumbed down redux) of my administration, down to the hangers-on.

The article says:

In a five-page petition, the President’s supporters said the impeachment complaints should be shelved since, among others, the issue of election fraud in the 2004 election was already “a dead issue.”
Oh, but the dead have an inconvenient way of coming back to life, don't they? Especially when they aren't really dead. The issue of election fraud in 2004 never died because the opposition - as bumbling and stupid as it is - did an excellent job of keeping it fresh in the people's minds. If little Gloria had paid more attention to my administration, she should have learned that it's all about what the mob remembers, what the mob hears and sees, what the mob thinks.

Ah, but like her dear old dad said to me, power is indeed intoxicating. And when you drink as hard as this mini-me wannabe (I hear she tosses back cognac like there's no tomorrow ... which probably accounts for the plebian refreshments they serve at Cabinet meetings - all the money goes to the other cabinet, the liquor cabinet), it is damnably easy to forget about the mob. I know I made that mistake. And boy, did I pay for it.

“Impeachment is not the appropriate process to question the legitimacy of the incumbent President or to question her victory in the 2004 election. The remedy is an election protest and said remedy already prescribed in July 2004,” they said.

“This means no court or agency or tribunal may still hear and try any case assailing the legitimacy of the election of incumbent President,” they added.

Then what in God's name is impeachment for? An election protest will determine who actually won. An impeachment trial will determine whether a sitting president should be given the boot. They may give the same results, but these are very different things. And in any case, if I'm not too mistaken, cheating in the elections is just one of the complaints.


On further reflection, it seems I may have been unfair to the Blue Ladies. They were a vacuous bunch of culture-vultures who practically robbed Vigan blind of its precious antiques; they were a ravenous pack of social hangers-on who did nothing but drool over Imelda's jewels unmindful of the mob about to storm the Palace; they were snotty, arrogant, and intellectually blonde. But they were never so stupid as to pretend that they knew the law and the Constitution well enough to criticize people who actually did.


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